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1/10 R/C Chassis Kit TB Evo.8

Tamiya welcomes a new variant to the TB Evo. series - the fastest shaft-driven chassis produced by Tamiya - which started in 2000.

With an updated chassis layout from Item 42315 (1/10 R/C Chassis Kit TB Evo. 7), its suspension features popular A-shaped arm which was used for Item 58693 (1/10 R/C TA08 PRO Chassis kit), and motor can be positioned in two locations.

Do not miss this chance to get this chassis featuring efficient drive and superior controllability!

About the model
• This is a 1/10 scale R/C shaft driven 4WD chassis assembly kit.
• Choose from two types of motor layout - front mid motor layout or rear mid motor layout.
• Lower deck and vertical upper decks are crafted in carbon fiber, and ensure pitch rigidity.
• Aluminum bulkhead and damper stay are one-piece component.
• 7mm suspension balls and king pins are combined for smooth motion. (= Item 22016)
• The front A-shaped arm suspension employs Super Short Big Bore dampers and uses 5.8mm balls to connect top and bottom sections for superior responsiveness.
• The rear suspension utilizes tie rods for easy adjustment of toe angle on upright side.
• The steering linkage is affixed directly to bulkhead to limit any impact upon chassis roll.
• Features efficient, fuss-free adjustment of motor backlash via two screws on chassis upside.
• Highly-efficient shaft-driven 4WD is achieved with a front direct coupling and double cardan drive shafts, plus a rear gear differential unit and aluminum drive shafts.
• Uses urethane front bumper (from Item 58693: TA08 PRO chassis) for great aerodynamics.
• Carbon fiber, floating R/C equipment deck attached by screws removes use of double-sided tape for maintenance.
• Comes with a carrying case.

New Parts

Carbon fiber components:
lower deck / upper decks x4 (two each for front mid motor layout or rear mid motor layout respectively) / R/C equipment deck<

Aluminum components:
one-piece lower bulkheads / front upper bulkhead / rear upper bulkhead / motor mount / propeller shafts (two for front mid motor layout and one for rear mid motor layout) / servo mount / center stiffener / king pin balls (Item 22016) / steering bridge / battery mount & mount spacer

Polycarbonate component:
Differential covers

Please note, this version is without Radio and ESC, we recommend the RC set and ESC from Mstyle.


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